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Clockwise Bromley Cloub Lounge


Clockwise provides contemporary private offices, shared workspace and meeting rooms with flexible membership plans.

Clockwise Bromley is located in the recently rennovated Old Town Hall. Originally built in 1907, the neo-Georgian Grade-II listed building still retains its stunning crittall windows and bright copper domed roof.

It holds a varied and colourful past; in 1937 it was as a Magistrates Court, it provided the backdrop for David Bowie’s 1970 marriage to Mary Angela Barnett and even housed an underground nuclear fall-out shelter in the 1980s.

Brama Hotel

Positioned in the grand Bromley Old Town Hall, Brama is a boutique hotel for those who need a restful night’s sleep before the big pitch or a place to recharge before exploring the town. Brama combines local flair with luxury as you like it.

We believe it’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to how we feel in a place; fresh milk in the mornings, delivered to your room, a selection of pillows, from feathery light to solid foam, your favourite tipple, ready and waiting when you walk through the door.

That’s why we’ve dialled up the design, zeroed in on the details and leaned into providing thoughtful and personal service. Balancing warmth with efficiency to get things just right.

Opening 2023.

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